End of the road … but not the journey

The guidon has been passed to Langley Air Force Base.

A message to their deployed Chief

The airmen send a message to their deployed comrade, Chief Master Sgt. Jennifer Kersey, before taking to the streets one last time.

“What a Blessing”

The airmen are taking a break, as they are running 45 minutes ahead of schedule. But what they didn’t expect was an act of kindness courtesy of the proprietor of What a Blessing Bakery and Deli. Owner Gilbert Rose took the team in and is currently feeding them donuts and other pastries.

Strong finish

With only three miles to go, the airmen’s morale is high. At the moment, they are singing and laughing as they march.

Their last stand

The airmen pose with the guidon before setting out one last time. At noon, their mission – and their 148 miles – will be complete.

Another day complete

With only five miles remaining in their 148-mile leg of the Ruck March to Remember, the airmen call it a day. They will pick back up tomorrow morning and, by noon, pass the guidon to their Langley Air Force Base comrades.

Shorter … but still sweet

The airmen have less than a mile remaining in their final full day of marching. This will be their earliest finish since they began their journey.

Crossing the James

The airmen are crossing the James River.

A new flag enters the fray

A man carrying a flag commemorating the 9/11 attacks is now marching alongside the airmen.

Lynchburg …

Having already covered nearly 25 miles since sunrise, the airmen make their way through Lynchburg. And with only 13 miles left to cover today, they are poised for an early dinner and a good sleep.